Sea Freight

Shipment done by sea are usually as per container basis unless on a break bulk / bulk shipment. Sea freight usually takes a longer time in comparison to air freight and roughly takes 3 weeks to 1 month for certain cases. OBS has current strong engagement with various ship owners and able to provide clients on sailing schedules for better planning on the right time of shipment time. We have partners globally in all ports and we look forward to provide you with a successful shipment experience with us.

Air Freight

Shipment done by air freight usually is considered as express shipment and it only takes a week at maximum for this shipment to be at the clients premises. This also depends on flight timing and location access. On a common basis, air freight is also inclusive of different transportation methods to reach the clients destination end point. For all urgent enquiries, air freight is the best option for the clients and we hold many services for clients this way.


Haulage Services are organized by our sister company called MBA Haulage Sdn Bhd as fleet of trucks with different sizes are available at your access. We provide land transportation from country to country if necessary but commonly for the local industry. At the same time, we have capabilities of transporting heavy & huge sized shipments to locations where it may be required. Fully equipped with GPS trackers, OBS understands the importance of security for our clients as their shipment is on its way to their destination end point.

Railway Cargo

For clients such as cement manufacturing clients, shipment of cement is usually done through trains in railways. It is necessary for this business as they would need to perform the transfer of cement manufactured to other states within the country or to other neighbouring countries. Railway shipment is a part of the required transportation method needed by certain clients to reach their clients. These clients may have prior modes of transportation such as air freight, land transportation or even sea freight.










OBS currently has set up a bonded warehouse specifically for clients who are involved with transshipment and when storage is required before the distribution is taken into account. We currently provide both bonded and non-bonded warehouses at the client’s convenience. Bonded warehouses are provided for clients who choose to store shipment and avoid duty payment until further notice. Non-bonded warehouses are for clients who choose to store their goods on a monthly rental basis. This storage type is for clients who have large quantity of goods but would need assistance in space whilst transferring the goods to the dealers/clients.

Long Term Storage

With our state of the art facilities in our warehouse, we currently provide long term storage for clients who would like to save costs on the operations of a warehouse and instead leave the handling to us. We currently have a number of reputable companies who have their stocks placed on our warehouse before it reaches the right dealers/suppliers.

Contract Distribution

OBS also provides contractual distribution for clients who would choose to concentrate further on the management, production and operation of their business. The warehousing, stock and distribution is outsourced to us to handle as OBS always recommends manufacturers to do what their best in which is R&D, marketing and production.

Container & Cabin Supply

For any client who requires a container for their personal usage or for their shipment requirements, OBS has different container sizes to offer for according to requirement and condition.

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